T. Florence T.

She will never be half the woman of the original.



Between the Empress and Lady Osten stood Florence. This triumvirate of beautiful woman held the rest of the world on their knees for many painful years.

If Osten was the muscle and the Empress was the looks, Florence was brains. Florence unlocked more secrets of crystal balls than anyone else capable of teaching and passing the techniques.

Her control of magic rivaled the gods. She controlled time as if it were her puppet. Everyone who ever locked eyes with her would swear it lasted an entire season.

Her love of time would be her downfall. In the very first tournament of War she made it to the final battle. She fought a monk who wielded a spear. In a last move of desperation the monk flung the spear as she warped the well of time.

With time before the spear made contact she cast a spell to finish off the monk. Then, without enough time to save herself, the spear slowly ripped through her heart.

The Empress was devastated. The empire may never recover.


This clone is a personal project and property of the Empress, hand crafted by Pizazz.

T. Florence T.

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